Silent Sentinel - Aeron 4K Ultra Low Light

Aeron 4K Ultra Low Light

The perfect solution for when you need crisp and clear video 24 hours a day.

The Aeron 4K Ultra Low Light camera is an ideal solution for anyone needing high quality footage at a short distance.

The Aeron can see through the dark, fog, and smoke.

Footage from the camera makes scenes filmed at night look like they're filmed in the day, making them ideal for:

  • Maritime
  • Prisons
  • Borders
  • Harbours
  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • Highways

Key features:

  • HD and 4K output
  • Up to 36x zoom
  • Auto focus
  • IP and HD-SDI option
  • Noise reduction, saving bandwith


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Aeron 4K Ultra Low Light


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