Silent Sentinel - Protect your investment in analogue systems and reap the rewards of IP cameras

Protect your investment in analogue systems and reap the rewards of IP cameras

Analogue to IP security camera upgrade hybrid

The Oculus is a powerful, cost effective, continuous PTZ security camera that is IP ready and perfect for replacement or upgrade

Local councils need to make a further £10 billion in savings in the next two years. According to the Local Government Association, 60% of councils are currently considering service cuts in order to fill the budget gap, and high on the agenda is CCTV.

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) estimates there are nearly six million cameras in the UK, with around one in 70 publicly owned. However, many cash-strapped councils are looking at it as a way to save money, including Blackpool and Derby, who have stopped monitoring their systems 24/7, and in the West Midlands, where a third of cameras have been deactivated to save £250,000.

So why is CCTV being targeted?

Despite the appointment of The Surveillance Camera Commissioner, and published Code of Practice, CCTV isn't a statutory function. In addition, research from the Civil Rights Movement shows that just 14% of incidents caught using CCTV result in arrest, leaving many councils to question their role.

IP cameras are revolutionising the industry

Thanks to Internet Protocol (IP) cameras, security camera footage doesn’t have to consist of poor quality, narrowly focused images. By sending and receiving data via a computer network, rather than a digital video recorder, which is used for traditional analogue cameras, it means you benefit from better picture quality, the ability to perform video analytics, and a future-proofed system through greater flexibility and scalability.

However, with many councils already having an analogue system in place, and needing to maximise their existing investments, how can we enable them to take advantage of IP cameras?

Introducing the Oculus

Silent Sentinel has helped councils to fulfil their CCTV needs through Oculus (which replaced the Ganz C-AllView). To date we have been involved with over 8,000 installations across the UK. A professional vandal-resistant camera that performs well in all weather conditions, the Oculus is a high-performance, competitively priced camera, with hybrid deployment options. It means we can upgrade your cameras on your existing analogue system, and then easily switch over to IP once you have the infrastructure in place.

As well as future-proofing your camera system, the Oculus offers additional benefits, such as:

  • High-speed, 360° continuous rotation pan, tilt and zoon (PTZ).
  • Durable casing that allows the unit to be installed in harsh and challenging environments.
  • Toughened glass viewing window for distortion-free, brighter, clearer images.
  • A wiper as standard to keep the glass free from build-up of dust or debris which means less maintenance.
  • Available with video and thermal imaging options, with or without IR and white light illumination.

It’s time for a change. Trust Silent Sentinel and protect your investment in an analogue system and reap the rewards of IP cameras.

As well as in town schemes, the Oculus is deployed in highways, maritime, commercial, transportation, aviation and critical infrastructure environments. Find out more about the extensive Oculus range and its wide capabilities

SS New Oculus photo V4 range


The Oculus is a high performance, competitively priced rugged continuous 360 degree PTZ camera with thermal, infra red, white light white and hybrid capabilities. The Oculus range is deployed in a wide variety of environments with casing and distance capability options.