Silent Sentinel - Critical National Infrastructure Security Cameras

Critical National Infrastructure Security Cameras

Critical infrastructure requires protection and risk minimisation that arise from faults, accidents, incident or attack.

Critical infrastructure covers defined sectors, including:

  • Banking and finance industries require coordinated protection.
  • Transportation, road, rail, air, and water transportation infrastructure.
  • Power and energy supplies including electricity, oil and gas.
  • Information, communications and telecommunications in commercial organisations with public and customer obligations.
  • Municipal services that require local levels of security to ensure continuous provision of essential services.
  • Emergency services, health services, fire departments, police and law enforcement.

In all cases, Silent Sentinel has a deep understanding of the technologies that can help security systems suppliers and organisations to protect and maintain the services of critical infrastructure.

Clarity, detection, identification, recognition, speed, range and accuracy are the built-in qualities of Silent Sentinel camera solutions. Plus, we have many years of experience working in complex critical infrastructure environments.

You can take advantage of our expertise and experience to fulfill your requirements or to help you specify the most suitable CNI vision, motion and control solutions.


Critical National Infrastructure