Silent Sentinel - Defence security cameras

Defence security cameras

Silent Sentinel's extensive range of security and surveillance cameras meet the challenging needs of defence environments.

As a leading supplier of PTZ positioning systems and thermal imaging cameras, Silent Sentinel cameras meet the performance, operational and reliability challenges required in mission critical applications.

Silent Sentinel delivers in-depth knowledge and experience in defence market cameras. Our defence solutions capability includes consultancy, rugged off-the-shelf camera products and bespoke solutions development for specific locations to meet defence objectives.

Silent Sentinel’s cameras meet the detection and protection standards required for effective defence, with range and clarity specifications to deliver early intelligence.

Silent Sentinel defence security cameras also meet the stringent reliability, vibration, mounting, climate and external threat challenges required of equipment deployed in a defence environment.

Silent Sentinel's defence security camera range is low maintenance, with camera solutions to work in all light and climate conditions.

As well as off-the-shelf, standard defence cameras, Silent Sentinel develops cameras to customer-specified conditions for operational performance and for shock, vibration and temperature.