Silent Sentinel - Design


Continuous R&D and design underpin our success

Silent Sentinel offers an extensive range of cameras with capabilities to meet the needs of different users working in environments in which they face very different challenges.

Silent Sentinel designs camera solutions that deliver comprehensive functionality, speed, accuracy and reliability. If the challenges are threat, harsh conditions, poor visibility, distance, detail and clarity, longevity or ease of use, the Silent Sentinel range provides you with specifications and permutations to meet your needs.

Our UK design engineers are continuously working to improve the functionality of Silent Sentinel's camera solutions so that they meet the emerging requirements of the security industry and deliver the latest that technology can offer, for performance, price and predictable results.

We can help you identify the right camera design from the Silent Sentinel range. We also work with many consultants and organisations to modify our core products or create new camera solutions, which forms part of our successful bespoke service.