Silent Sentinel - Fire detection and prevention security cameras

Fire detection and prevention security cameras

Silent Sentinel thermal imaging safety and security cameras for fire detection and prevention.

The internal temperature of many types of material can increase to the extent that they begin to burn spontaneously. Fires can result, and intense heat can quickly cause nearby material to ignite, which can result in extreme damage.

Although fire alarms and fire fighting systems are often installed, they generally only operate after a fire has started. Thermal imaging can help to detect hot spots before a fire starts so that proactive measures can be taken.

Silent Sentinel cameras' flame, hotspot and fire detection analytics enable fast, effective response to a major safety risk.  

Users can monitor specific risk locations or vast areas for early heat, flame and fire detection.

Cameras can be integrated with multiple alert, alarm and transmission systems.

Silent Sentinel fire detection and prevention camera solutions reduce the risks of harm to people and costly asset damage. They also reduce the cost and disruption of false fire alarms by providing the ability to scrutinise hotspots at the earliest opportunity.

Fire Detection