Silent Sentinel - HD Video security cameras

HD Video security cameras

Anyone used to viewing programmes on HD television does not need to be told of the superior image quality over older standard definition television.

The entire Silent Sentinel range is available in true HD 1920x1080 format. The images can be delivered as IP over Ethernet or as HD-SDI digital image. These new generation HD cameras, combined in many cases with mega-pixel zoom lenses provide the pinnacle of image quality, so whether you choose a fixed or pan and tilt solution all are delivered in a robust and ready to use systemised solution.

HD Modules
Reference image: EH6300, HFOV 5.06 degrees (Full tele-zoom view)

Type Model HFOV Width Fraction %
- EH6300 2.9 5.06 1 100.00%
YJ30X EH6500 2.1 3.66 0.72 70.00%
HB20X SC220 2.9 5.06 1 100.00%
P12Z240 H20Z 1.2 2.09 0.41 41.00%
Y15Z500 Y33Z 0.55 0.96 0.19 19.00%
P12Z660 H55Z 0.45 0.79 0.16 16.00%
P20Z1250 H63Z 0.23 0.4 0.05 5.00%
HD Video