Silent Sentinel - Intelligent video radar tracking drones | Government, Domestic, Commercial

Intelligent video radar tracking drones | Government, Domestic, Commercial

Intelligent video tracking with radar provides an answer to drone threats

Drones have been a big topic in the news over the past couple of years—whether it’s the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) by the military or the viral video showing Amazon’s proposal for speedy drone delivery, the devices have grabbed people’s attention. Now, many are buying their own personal drones and most are looking at the situation as a relatively harmless trend… until recently. On January 26, a small radio-controlled quadrocopter crashed onto the lawn of the White House, triggering an immediate response from the Secret Service. The incident sparked debate about the use of drones and the potential security problems they could cause; not just for governments but businesses, as well.

What are the threats?

With such a new technology, the security implications are difficult to estimate. Even so, companies stand to lose a lot if drones are used for nefarious means. Imagine a rival company using a UAV for corporate espionage, recording activities from angles and vantage points they normally couldn’t get.

How Radar+Camera protects you . . .

Just in time to combat this growing threat, flat panel radar and camera combinations can be configured to provide detection zones with increasing levels of sensitivity. The technology raises alarms, tracks and identifies drones, and maps their exact location once they access a perimeter.

A Radar+Camera combination is the solution of choice to defend against threats such as drones at major dams in Western USA and recently the Bureau of Reclamation have requested a radar+camera solution be installed at the Hoover Dam.

Silent Sentinel's Athena solution

Silent Sentinel’s Athena Radar solution is among the best in the world and povides an ideal solution for protecting open spaces and critical infrastructure against the potential of drone threats.

The Athena Radar has government, commercial and domestic applications. To find out more, get in touch.