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Maritime security cameras

Maritime, ports and sea-faring solutions.

Maritime environments require specific security solutions to meet challenges involving people, property, processes and assets, in port, near shore and at sea.

Ports are busy, complex environments in which people comprise staff, crew, suppliers and passengers.

The normal common concepts of security are further complicated by sometimes unpredictable or even uncontrollable geographical and weather influences.

Everything from warehousing to passenger processing and border control have their own unique maritime factors. The micro environments which are the ships themselves raise their own unique challenges that require observation and surveillance solutions for protection, detection and the management of the ship's operations.

Silent Sentinel has a wealth of experience in maritime camera solutions designed for sea-faring vessels and in and around ports.

We can advise on the build standards required to meet the challenges of harsh sea conditions and the functionality to observe and interpret a vast range of maritime activity to ensure continuous business process, safety and security.

Video surveillance, integrated security management, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), embarking and disembarking tracking, traffic management, control barriers and life critical solutions (e.g., fire) all form part of a port’s security infrastructure that requires observation.

The addition of thermal cameras or radar to monitor boats as much as several miles away, even to detect whether they are high in the water, which would trigger an alert that cargo may have been stolen or syphoned, are just some of the latest layers of sophistication being added to maritime security systems to automate detection and protection processes.

Silent Sentinel is a specialist in seabound security camera use.