Silent Sentinel - Oculus integrated radar security camera range

Oculus integrated radar security camera range

Integrated camera and flat panel radar surveillance options

See radar surveillance in a completely new way

Threats to national security continue to drive new legislation and tighter surveillance across the world. According to the “Global Airport Security: Technologies, Industry & Markets – 2015-2020” report, no single event has had a greater effect on defence than the 9/11 terror attacks. They led to increased cargo screening, cybersecurity, airport perimeter security and drove the use of advanced ICT technologies.

In addition, crime, violence and fear pose significant challenges in our cities. With more than half the global population living in urban areas, ‘safer cities’ are increasingly being considered essential to ensure our secure living and prosperity. The United Nations, through its Habitat Agenda on Human Settlements, created The Safer Cities programme, an urban safety strategy, aimed at reducing and preventing common problems of crime and insecurity. A key component to the programme’s success is developing integrated city surveillance.

Events like these are leading to the global CCTV market growing at 12% per year, according to the “Global CCTV Market Forecast 2022”. The report states this growth will lead to technology advancements, such as higher resolution, larger digital storage options, compatibility for integrated analytical software, and wider use of radar systems.

The historical problems with radar

Despite radar offering enormous benefits for surveillance by helping to determine the range, altitude, direction, or speed of objects, the cameras require significant resource, which means most are developed for specific applications/sectors. Alternatively, you see radar as a ‘bolt on’ feature, which is not aesthetically pleasing and can reduce the camera’s effectiveness.

So how can the mass market simply and cost-effectively take advantage of radar?

Discover the Oculus with integrated radar

By choosing our Oculus camera range for your security needs we can provide integrated radar, thanks to our partnership with Athena Radar and its flat panel surveillance solution. The cameras work over land or water, and have a range of options depending on the detection range required. Furthermore, all our camera systems feature absolute positioning feedback, which means that when twinned with radar, the camera will automatically track any detected objects.

The Oculus with Athena flat panel radar is the perfect, cost-effective solution for protecting large areas by providing early warning of activity along the perimeter or within an open space, without the need for lots of cameras. As well as issuing notification and automatically positioning and tracking the target, our cameras are:

  • Manufactured to the highest standards.
  • Available in four range options from 130m to 1,350m.
  • Provide up to 360 degree coverage with four panels.

Our dedicated radar and detection systems team is offering this technology in a completely different way. Isn’t it time you leveraged the power of radar?

Oculus is deployed in town centres, highways, maritime, commercial, transportation, aviation and critical infrastructure environments. Find out more about the extensive Oculus range and its wide capabilities

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The Oculus is a high performance, competitively priced rugged continuous 360 degree PTZ camera with radar, thermal, infra red, white light white and hybrid capabilities. The Oculus range is deployed in a wide variety of environments with casing and distance capability options.