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Oculus Heritage

The Oculus Heritage is a compact, rugged, continuous rotation PTZ camera that has been specifically designed for town center and heritage sites.

The Oculus has been adapted for use in town centre CCTV environments and heritage sites where visual appearance is of the utmost importance for planning permission and visual impacts. It is an ideal heritage dome camera solution that has been created to replace previous obsolete heritage cameras such as the Marc Mercer D250 / D500 dome heritage cameras, which may have been previously approved with planning permission. This alone can save significant related delays and costs.

Utilizing the latest SD and HD camera modules, the Oculus Heritage can provide analogue, HD-SDI as well as IP video outputs. Another advantage of the HD version is that the camera can output both analogue and IP video which means the HD heritage camera can be installed and configured as an analogue camera, then easily re-configured to IP mode once the IP transmission/control room is ready.

As with all Oculus units, everything is fully housed within a hard anodised aluminium casing, fully rated to IP67, and ready to handle the harshest of environments. The toughened, optically correct glass provides clear images and can be kept clean at all times by the compact wiper. Optical encoders for both the pan and tilt axis provide highly accurate positioning and repeatability, allied with self-correction systems that will counteract any external interference with the moving head.

For low and zero light conditions IR or White LED illuminators can be built into the unit giving enhanced images to provide a greater range of detection.

The Oculus can be mounted upright and the yoke can be offset to eliminate blind spots through a full 360 degrees of rotation. Mounting accessories are available to suit standard mounting platforms, including 4” PCD.

Key Features

  • SD video with 18x, 28x and 40x optical zoom options
  • HD video with 30x optical zoom
  • Ruggedised for extreme environments
  • Day/night operation
  • IR and White Light Illuminator options
  • Optical encoders for accurate positioning and repeatability
  • Optional heater for reliable operation down to -40°C
  • Flat, toughened glass window
  • Protected to IP67 (IP68 option)
  • Built-in camera lens wiper
  • Presets, tours and privacy masking
  • Multiple control protocols
Oculus Heritage


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