Silent Sentinel - Silent Sentinel US Office details and contact

Silent Sentinel US Office details and contact

Silent Sentinel Ltd is an established manufacturer and supplier of rugged pan and tilt positioning systems and advanced surveillance solutions and is now in the United States.

Mark Klang, President of Silent Sentinel US, is responsible for all sales and operations in the United States and Latin America. “After meeting with Paul Elsey, Owner Managing Director of Silent Sentinel, along with his team, I knew they had the right products and technical expertise to meet both the commercial and military security and surveillance requirements in the US. When Paul explained that Silent Sentinel has supplied more than 14,000 rugged pan and tilt camera systems to regions all over the world, I knew there was something special about this company.”

In addition to the standard products manufactured by Silent Sentinel, they also supply many specialist solutions to meet exact customer needs. “With an extensive range of video and thermal imaging systems and many years’ experience supplying the specialist global surveillance market, the time was right to bring Silent Sentinel to the US.” said Mark Klang.

Paul Elsey added, “We feel very fortunate to have Mark managing our business in the USA, as he has a great deal of experience serving the market through his time working for a major pan and tilt manufacturer. Coupled with his military and commercial background, we knew he was the right person advise our customers and to help us grow our business and enter the US.”

US Office Silent Sentinel Inc,
2351 Sunset Blvd,
STE 170 #439,
CA. 95765

(1) 916-632-1301
(1) 916-806-3023