Silent Sentinel - Silent Sentinel's press release on Panama Canal.

Silent Sentinel's press release on Panama Canal.

Silent Sentinel have helped add to Panama Canal Authoritie's long-range surveillance capability with their long range Jaegar Camera.

For Immediate Release October 19, 2017: Silent Sentinel LTD has been awarded a contract to deliver long range camera systems to the Panama Canal. The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) will take possession of the cameras. “Silent Sentinel will be providing our Jaegar, a high speed ruggedized pan and tilt, integrated with a cooled MWIR thermal camera with a 40 - 825mm continuous zoom lens and a 5-megapixel HD camera with a 12 - 660mm continuous zoom lens with a 2.5x lens extender,” said Mark Klang, Silent Sentinel Group, Vice President for the United States and Latin America. “We are pleased to have been selected by the Panama Canal Authority to help add to their long-range surveillance capability. We understand how critical the Panama Canal is for the commercial transportation of goods to countries throughout the world. The Silent Sentinel cameras will provide additional security for the Panama Canal Authority,” said Klang.

Silent Sentinel has a long history and a wealth of experience in camera design and manufacture together with an in-depth knowledge of the many sectors within the security industry. Today we work directly with the market and our brand is known by consultants, integrators, distributors and end users as one synonymous with innovation and quality. We provide rugged pan and tilt camera systems, meeting short to very long-range requirements. These units include options for thermal, HD, and analog cameras. Our systems can also be integrated with radar. For additional information contact James Longcroft, at or +44 (0)1920 871 734