Silent Sentinel - Perimeter Security Surveillance Cameras

Perimeter Security Surveillance Cameras

Silent Sentinel supplies an extensive range of perimeter detection and protection security camera solutions.

Silent Sentinel perimeter detection cameras enable security and CCTV professionals to monitor and maximise the use of video footage effectively 24/7, 365 days a year.

Silent Sentinel perimeter detection cameras are designed for maximum clarity and maximum coverage.

Perimeter detection costs can be reduced with the deployment of fewer detection cameras with more extensive capabilities.

Silent Sentinel perimeter detection cameras are effective in urban and remote terrains, in challenging climates and all light qualities. Our detection camera solutions are adaptable and therefore provide effective detection in day time and night time, as well as in difficult weather conditions such as fog, rain, snow and harsh sunlight.

Silent Sentinel’s acclaimed thermal security camera range has made reliable 24 hour perimeter surveillance a reality.

Our perimeter detection cameras are available with a wide range of fitting and mounting solutions, and their low maintenance profile and wider operational range contribute to a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

Perimeter Security