Video of the Month

October 2020 – 690mm Cooled MWIR Thermal Camera

This video demonstrates the 35-690mm cooled MWIR lens in action at San Diego Harbour.

The 35-690mm features in our cooled thermal MWIR Jaegar Searcher range. The Jaegar Searcher offers cooled lens options up to 900mm and can be paired with a 60:1, 16.7-1000mm (33.4-2000mm with the 2x extender), HD visible camera.

The Jaegar is capable of supporting additional specialist technologies including an acoustic hailer, target tracking, and ultra-low light cameras. Radar systems can be installed on top of the unique through shaft, with the Jaegar being able to support over 80kg of equipment in total.

Key Features include:

– Supporting ranges up to 21.6km for human detection and 29.4km for vehicle detection*.
– Through shaft allowing for specialist technologies to be mounted on top of the camera
– Absolute positioning feedback for radar control 360° continuous rotation.
– Ultra slow pan / tilt speeds down to 0.0002° per second to allow for more accuracy at long ranges.
– The unique cable managed, rapid release mechanism allows cameras to be quickly installed and changed in the field.
– Unique boresight positioning for fast alignment.
– IP67 level of environmental protection to meet harsh and challenging environments.

This lens is frequently used in the following applications:

– Defence and Military
– Perimeter and Border Security
– Maritime and Coastal Surveillance

All lens options in the Jaegar cooled MWIR thermal range:

– 15mm to 300mm
– 35mm to 690mm
– 45mm to 900mm

*Ranges are based upon 50% probability on a MODTRAN standard atmosphere.