Silent Sentinel - Selex cooled thermal camera system and the Jaegar platform

Selex cooled thermal camera system and the Jaegar platform

Silent Sentinel collaborates with Selex to add cooled thermal, ultra-long range camera capability to the established Jaegar platform.

Silent Sentinel is working in collaboration with Selex to deliver a highly sophisticated security camera solution.

The Selex Horizon Medium Wave Infa-Red (MWIR) thermal (cooled) imaging camera employs the latest focal plane array technology to meet long-range surveillance and target identification requirements.

Using a modular Integrated Detector Cooler Assembly, the camera is fitted with either Standard Definition (SD) or High Definition (HD) detector arrays. This design allows for rapid assembly and ease of maintenance.

Horizon HD provides a wider Field of View (FoV) for greater situational awareness, and delivers a narrower IFoV for longer range target identification and engagement. Horizon cameras have been specifically designed with very long life cooling engines of 50,000 hours, which increases reliability and reduces through-life costs.

The Horizon Camera Sees Further Than You Can.

Additional features include:

  • Turbulence mitigation
  • Image stabilisation
  • Local area contrast enhancement

Paul Elsey, Silent Sentinel MD, says "Collaboration with Selex and integration with the Horizon product on our Jaegar platform using cooled thermal technology enables us to offer significant technological advances to our customers."

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