Silent Sentinel - Silent Sentinel makes waves in the Maritime and VTS sector

Silent Sentinel makes waves in the Maritime and VTS sector

For years Silent Sentinel has been the driving force in providing a host of security solutions for land based sectors, but did you know that Silent Sentinel are also experts in providing solutions for the Maritime market?

A comprehensive range of cameras are available specifically tailored for Automatic Identification Service (AIS) and Vessel Traffic Service (VTS). Every model is built to operate in the harsh maritime environment and are designed to interface seamlessly with radar solutions. All models feature PTZ with dual video and thermal cameras for verification even up to distances of 30km.

Similar to air traffic control for aircraft, Vessel Traffic Service or VTS is a marine traffic monitoring system used by harbour or port authorities. It improves the safety and efficiency of navigation in smaller waterways, safety of life at sea and the protection of the marine environment. These systems use radar, high frequency radiotelephony as well as CCTV to keep track of a vessel or several vessels movements and provide navigational safety.

Being able to monitor such traffic requires not only the most modern of tracking and navigation equipment but also dependable video surveillance tools. These Vessel Traffic Service cameras need to be modern but also dependable and this is where Silent Sentinel comes in. We can already integrate seamlessly with VTS software and our camera systems.

To find out more information on the types of Vessel Traffic cameras Silent Sentinel can offer, get in touch with our sales team.