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Special Projects

Order of the day! Whatever you want... how bespoke builds meet exact customer needs

XAD Communications Ltd, the technical ground breakers in very specialist applications, approached Silent Sentinel to assist them meeting a very specific need for one of their clients. There was no fully developed product on the market that could do the job in hand but, with Silent Sentinel and their bespoke development team, the sleeves were rolled up and the excitement of another unique build opportunity was underway.

In order to meet the specification, a SLR Mega Pixel camera and Lens from the professional photography sector needed integration and made fully functional on an Osiris PTZ positioning system. “The performance of this combination was staggering,” said Paul Elsey of Silent Sentinel.

“These SLR cameras deliver knock-your-socks-off performance exceeding anything found in the main stream security industry,” continues Paul Elsey. This innovative application of technologies from the professional photography sectors offers super crisp results from both still and video images even in low light conditions. In common with all professional SLR cameras, automatic focus is standard and the lens options are very extensive. The price for this quality of performance is excellent as the technology benefits from the volumes in the consumer market.

The seamless integration of all the camera and lens functionality through the Osiris PTZ platform using Silent Sentinel camera control software has truly offered a step forward for our industry. “This solution allows us to provide broadcast quality images all controllable on an industry standard PTZ platform that will integrate easily into any security infrastructure. This is an excellent solution for police, homeland security and the specialist can’t be named users” closes Paul Elsey.

Special Projects