Silent Sentinel - Support Services

Support Services

Project services throughout the lifecycle of security camera projects

Silent Sentinel provides services to help integrators, CCTV operators and end users throughout the lifecycle of a security project, from specification to support.

Silent Sentinel offers a consultative approach to sales and service.

Our services include:

  • Needs analysis
  • Camera product selection
  • Camera solutions advice
  • Camera and solutions R&D
  • Software development
  • Security and systems integration
  • Security camera consultancy
  • Camera siting and mounting
  • Budgeting and budget review
  • Installation guidance and project assistance
  • Legacy camera estate test and assessment
  • Training, tuition and orientation
  • Support and maintenance

Please contact us if you have a specific insourced or outsourced service requirement.

Silent Sentinel welcomes discussion on projects and joint ventures.

Support Services