Silent Sentinel - Transportation security cameras

Transportation security cameras

Silent Sentinel designs manufactures and supplies security camera solutions and surveillance for transportation. 

The transportation sector requires security camera systems and solutions for its static locations, such as depots and stations, as well as to monitor and manage its fleet operations and goods or people in transit.

Silent Sentinel's extensive experience in the transportation industry includes the provision of robust security camera solutions for mass transit systems, ports, subways, city buses, train stations and logistics applications for haulage and distribution.

Silent Sentinel cameras are deployed in the transportation sector to detect and prevent crime, theft, harassment, liability suits and vandalism. We also help security integrators and their customers to achieve strategic business objectives that include reduced security threats and safer, ultimately more profitable passenger environments.

Transportation organisations can also leverage real-time accurate camera images and data to improve business processes and customer services.

The benefits of transportation video surveillance include:

  • Provides live and auditable information about operations at depots and in transit

  • Prevents crime and vandalism and deters criminals

  • Creates safer environments for passengers and staff

  • Promotes employee accountability and productivity

  • Saves time and costs and improves management effectiveness with remote viewing

  • Reduces liability for accidents and injuries