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Video Imaging

Silent Sentinel offer a wide and varied range of day cameras from short to long range for our PTZ and RHT range. See our latest product videos and comparisons here.

Battersea Bridge from 1km

Pentax Pair2 Heat Haze and Fog Reduction - Continuing its industry-leading trend, PENTAX Imaging Company announces the evolution of its Pentax Atmospheric Interference Reduction (PAIR) technology. Building on the first-generation PAIR 01, winner of the ISC West "Best in Video Device" award, the new PAIR 02 adds an industry first Heat Haze Reduction function.

Pentax Pair2 Image Stabilizer - Image Stabilisation is extremely effective for long distance surveillance that often contains high levels of vibration. PENTAX offers an electrical control method along with the lens' characteristics, which means less failure rate compared to optical or mechanical methods.