The Aeron is a ruggedized, fully-integrated, multi-sensor platform which is ideally suited for short to long range surveillance applications. The Aeron can be configured with a selection of electro-optical modules covering both the visible and thermal spectrum. The Aeron builds on the Oculus’s integrated, compact, form-factor allowing for larger, zoom-able uncooled and cooled thermal modules.

Key Specifications;

  1. Housing: Aluminium, Hard-Anodised, Marine Grade Powder Coated
  2. Environmental Rating: IP67
  3. Pan / Tilt Specs;
    1. Pan: 160-degrees / second, continuous rotation
    2. Tilt: 160-degrees / second, +90 to -30 degrees.
    3. Accuracy: 0.01-degrees
    4. Reputability: 0.05-degrees
  4. Power Input: 24VDC, 2A MAX
  5. Other;
    1. Integrated Wiper.
    2. Optical Corrected, HD Glass.

Featured Modules;

  1. Visible Modules:                                                    SD (36x), HD-SDI (30x), HD (30x), 4K (20x), Ultra Low Light 4K
  2. UnCooled Thermal Modules (640x480):               14mm, 25mm, 50mm, 65mm, 100mm, 15-100mm, 26-105mm, 50-150mm
  3. UnCooled LR Thermal Modules (640x512):         15-75mm
  4. Cooled Thermal Modules (640x512):                   19-275mm, 15-300mm

Featured Accessories:

  1. White Light, IR and Covert IR Illumination
  2. Visible and Thermal Image Hybridisation
  3. Integrated Target Tracking
  4. 2-AXIS GYRO Stabilisation
  5. Image Stabilisation

Not sure which model is for you? Use the below as a starting point, however there are more factors involved than just DRI distances so our team of experts will be able to advise you further.

Aeron Scout

A compact and discreet mid range uncooled thermal camera with a fixed lens and small field of view.

Aeron Ranger

A compact surveillance unit consisting of HD video, and zoom lens uncooled thermal cameras suitable for mid-range surveillance.

Aeron Ranger LR

A highly modular, ready to go, compact surveillance solution using video and zoom lens thermal cameras – ideal for mid range surveillance applications.

Aeron Searcher

A highly modular, ready to go, compact surveillance solution using HD video and zoom lens cooled thermal cameras.

Aeron 4K Ultra Low Light

Get 24 hours of clear footage, all year round in colour, even in the dark.

Aeron Radiometric

Accurate temperature monitoring and alerting makes this PTZ perfect for heat detection and fire prevention. 

Aeron OGI

A compact, rugged, continuous rotation PTZ camera for gas detection.