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Compact and discreet mid range uncooled thermal camera with a fixed lens and small field of view.

Camera lens options up to 100mm and a 30:1 HD video camera is available; fantastic for a camera of it’s size.

Compatible with the 2 x axis gyro stabiliser making it well suited for maritime and portable surveillance applications.

The 4K Ultra Low Light module can be built into the system giving HD resolution coloured images during the dark – a fantastic option for maritime and law enforcement applications.

  • Compact dimensions
  • Fixed lens up to 100mm
  • 30:1 HD video camera
  • Field of view as small as 6.2°
  • Short to mid range

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The big brother to our Oculus Scout, the Aeron Scout offers larger thermal lens options up to 100mm, making it suitable for mid-range applications such as Border Protection and Critical National Infrastructure Security.

Don’t be narrow minded

With a field of view as small as 6.2°, the Aeron Scout gives clarity and precision often needed for maritime applications.


Thermal Lens

Focal Length 65mm 100mm
F Number F1.2 F1.6
Horizontal Field of View 9.6° 6.2°
Focus Fixed, preset with Athermalization

Thermal Camera

Detector Type Uncooled VOx Microbolometer
Resolution 640 x 480
Pixel Size 17 μm
Spectral Band 8 to 14 μm (LWIR)
Sensitivity < 50 mK (NEdT) f/1.0 @ room temperature
Frame Rate 25 Fps (9 fps, 30fps options)
Frequency 25Hz (9Hz, 30Hz options)

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Key Facts

Uncooled Thermal

Fixed Lens

Compact Dimensions

Small Field of View

Popular Applications