A highly modular, ready to go, compact surveillance solution using HD video and zoom lens cooled thermal cameras.

The perfect combination with cooled zoom lens options up to 300mm whilst in compact and discreet housing, ideal for applications such as Border Security.

The Aeron Searcher is compatible with a range of the latest technologies including image fusion, illuminators, HD imaging and more, making it suitable for a wide range of applications and meeting each customer’s requirements.

  • <25 mK thermal sensitivity
  • Zoom lens up to 300mm
  • Cooled thermal camera
  • 15μm pixel pitch
  • Long range

Title about sensitivity

The Aeron Searcher has outstanding detection capabilities with <25mK thermal sensitivity and 15μm pixel pitch, perfect for Border Security and in climates similar to the Middle East.


In the fast lane

With one of the fastest pan and tilt times in the range you’ll be able to react to an incident immediately. This, combined with it’s discreet and compact housing, makes the Aeron Searcher suitable for applications such as maritime or borders.


Thermal Lens

Focal Length 19mm to 275mm 15mm to 300mm
F Number F5.5 F4.0
Horizontal Field of View 28.3° (W) to 2.0° (T) 35.5° (W) to 1.83° (T)
Focus Motorised zoom and focus with autofocus

Thermal Camera

Detector Type Cooled InSb FPA
Resolution 640 x 512
Pixel Size 15 μm
Spectral Band 3.4 to 5.1 μm (MWIR)
Sensitivity < 25 mK (NEdT) @ room temperature
Frame Rate/Frequency 25Hz (30Hz option)

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Key Facts

Highly Sensitive

Long Range Solution

Cooled Thermal Camera

Zoom Lens Camera

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