Jaegar Ranger LR

A mid to long range surveillance platform utilising the latest advanced uncooled (LWIR) thermal camera technology, incorporating a wide range of zoomable lens options up to 300mm and the option to have a fixed payload above the camera platform. Complimenting this thermal detection capability is a low light HD video camera with 500mm lens.

  • Long range
  • Zoom lens up to 300mm
  • No servicing required
  • Through shaft allowing a fixed payload to be fitted above the camera platform
  • Can support up to 4 sensor types including SWIR and 4K ultra low light
  • Harmonic gear drive technology providing accurate positioning with almost zero backlash
  • Lower cost of ownership when compared with an equivalent cooled MWIR system
  • Fast thermal and video auto focus
  • Thermal camera video stabilisation and tracking option

Sensitivity in the right environment

The Jaegar Ranger LR has industry leading <30mK thermal sensitivity and 12μm pixel pitch allowing for improved detection capabilities. This also means the platform is ideal for applications such as maritime where sensitivity is key.

Never miss a thing

Unique within our ranges, the Jaegar range can carry a top payload due to the through-shaft it encompasses. Payloads often include radar or an automated control programme and it allows you to see uninterrupted 360° views, often ideal for Counter UAV or Homeland Security scenarios.


The Jaegar Ranger LR is a long range advanced uncooled zoom thermal camera with HD zoom cameras and a through shaft.

The platform bridges the gap between cooled and uncooled thermal cameras with enhanced performance of a cooled, but with overall lower lifetime costs normally associated with uncooled thermal imaging.

A range of thermal zoom camera lenses and the 15-500mm HD video camera are available, all supplied in cable managed housings for protection in the harshest environments.


Thermal Camera

Focal Length 25mm to 150mm 25mm to 225mm 40mm to 300mm
F Number F1.4 F1.5 F1.5
Horizontal Field of View 17.5° (W) to 3.0° (T) 17.5° (W) to 2.0° (T) 11.0° (W) to 1.5° (T)
Focus Autofocus with Athermalization

Thermal Camera

Detector Type Uncooled VOx Microbolometer
>Resolution 640 x 480
Pixel Size 12 μm
Spectral Band 7.5 to 13 μm (LWIR)
Sensitivity < 30 mK (NEdT) f/1.0 @ room temperature
Frame Rate 25 Fps (9 fps, 30fps options)
Frequency 25Hz (9Hz, 30Hz options)

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Key Facts

HD Video Zoom Cameras

Through Shaft

Harmonic Drive Gears

12μm Pixel Pitch

Popular Applications