Jaegar Ultra Long Range

Jaegar Ultra Long Range

Ultra long range surveillance platform with cooled HD thermal zoom lens and through shaft.

  • Ultra long range
  • 960mm zoom lens
  • Cooled camera
  • Option for top payload
  • Ultra-slow pan and tilt speeds for precision

Go the extra mile

The Jaegar Ultra LRC can literally detect objects miles further away than any of our other platforms. With its 960mm cooled HD zoom lens, it is suited for ultra long range applications often in Homeland Security or Perimeter Security.

Slow it down

With ultra slow pan and tilt speeds as low as 0.0002° per second and repeatability levels of just 0.0002°, the Jaegar Ultra LRC lets you achieve pin point accuracy – imperative for border security applications.


The Jaegar Ultra Long Range camera consists of HD cooled thermal zoom lens cameras and HD video cameras which achieve clear and crisp HD images to be seen even at a long distance.

The Jaegar Ultra LRC is a single mast surveillance solution and a has a through shaft meaning you have the ease of everything in one place with uninterrupted 360° views, often ideal for Counter UAV or Homeland Security scenarios.


Thermal Lens

Focal Length 80mm to 960mm
F Number F4.0
Horizontal Field of View 11.0° (W) to 0.9° (T)
Focus Motorised zoom and focus with athermalization and autofocus

Thermal Camera

Detector Type CMT (HgCdTe –Cadmium Mercury Telluride)
Resolution 1280 x 720
Pixel Size 12μm
Spectral Band 3.7 to 4.95μm (MWIR)
Sensitivity 27.5mK (NEdT) typical
Frame Rate/Frequency 60Hz

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Key Facts

960mm Zoom Lens

Cooled Thermal

Ultra Long Range

HD Output

Popular Applications