Mid-range multi-sensor surveillance camera with fixed lens LWIR thermal camera and HD video camera, with extremely fast pan and tilt speeds.

The platform is designed to an IP67 level of environmental protection and has been specifically designed for harsh and challenging environments. The camera can also operate over a wide temperature extremes.

The Oculus Scout can be provided  with a 2 axis gyro stabiliser to ensure stable images during motion, making it an ideal solution for vessels / boats or other mobile surveillance applications.

  • HD, 30x zoom module
  • Fixed Thermal lens up to 50mm
  • Compact and ruggedised design
  • Marine Grade
  • Short to mid-range
  • Human detection up to 1100m
  • Vehicle detection up to 3390m
  • HD IP, PAL, NTSC, and HD-SDI options

In the fast lane

With the fastest pan and tilt time in our range of cameras, you’ll be able to react to immediately. This, combined with the discreet and compact housing, makes the Oculus Scout particularly well suited to public open space type applications.

The best things come in small packages

The Oculus Scout has a compact and ruggedised design which is ideally suited for vehicle mounts and other mobile applications.


Thermal Lens

Focal Length 14mm 35mm 50mm
F Number F1.4 F1.2 F1.2
Horizontal Field of View 44° 17.6° 12.4°
Focus Fixed, preset with Athermalization

Thermal Camera

Detector Type Uncooled VOx Microbolometer
Resolution 640 x 480
Pixel Size 17 μm
Spectral Band 8 to 14 μm (LWIR)
Sensitivity < 50 mK (NEdT) f/1.0 @ room temperature
Frame Rate 25 Fps (9 fps, 30fps options)
Frequency 25Hz (9Hz, 30Hz options)

Visible Lens

Focal Length / Optical Zoom (continuous) 4.3mm to 129mm / 30x, motorised
F Number F1.6 to F4.7
Horizontal Field of View 63.7° (W) to 2.32° (T)
Focus Auto focus and motorised manual focus

Visible Camera

Sensor 1/2.8“ CMOS Exmor (2.13MP)
Sensor Mode Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080)
Wide Dynamic Range Yes (120 dB)
Shutter 1/1 s to 1/10,000
Digital Zoom 12x (360x combined)
Video Output IP (HD-SDI option)

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Key Facts

Compact and ruggedised design

Can be mounted upright or hanging

HD Video Cameras

IP67 environmental protection

Popular Applications