The Osiris Ranger is a highly modular surveillance PTZ camera, ideal for mid-range applications. Combines zoom lens LWIR uncooled thermal cameras, a mid range HD video camera with a 15-500mm lens, and fast pan and tilt speeds.

The platform is designed to an IP67 level of environmental protection and has been specifically designed for marine, harsh and challenging environments

With harmonic drive gears as standard, the Osiris has virtually zero backlash ensuring the capture of stable images even at very long distances over land or water, perfect for Maritime or Perimeter Security applications.

  • Zoom thermal lens options up to 225mm
  • HD, 33x 15.2 to 500mm, optical zoom visible camera
  • Highly ruggedised for extreme and marine environments
  • With and pan / tilt speeds between 0.02° to 45° per second and 002° repeatability for increased accuracy
  • Harmonic drive gears for virtually zero backlash and accurate positioning
  • Supporting detection ranges up to 4.9km for human detection and 15.2km for vehicle detection

Go the distance

The medium to long range thermal camera offers superior quality images over land and water. The Osiris Ranger is the ideal solution with mid-range thermal and HD visible zoom cameras, this platform is perfect for Maritime and homeland security applications.

Steady as a rock

The Osiris Ranger uses harmonic drives which allow a very high level of accuracy with virtually zero backlash. This ensures the capture of stable images even at very long distances over land, water or air.


Thermal Lens

Focal Length 26mm to 105mm 25mm to 150mm 25mm to 225mm
F Number F1.6 F1.4 F1.5
Horizontal Field of View 25.3° (W) to 5.9° (T) 25.3° (W) to 4.1° (T) 22.3° (W) to 2.8° (T)
Focus Manual motorised focus with Athermalization

Thermal Camera

Detector Type Uncooled VOx Microbolometer
Resolution 640 x 480
Pixel Size 17μm
Spectral Band 8 to 14μm (LWIR)
Sensitivity <50 mK (NEdT) f/1.0 @ room temperature
Frame Rate 25 Fps (9 fps, 30fps options)
Frequency 25Hz (9Hz, 30Hz options)

Visible Lens

Focal Length / Optical Zoom 15.2mm to 500mm / 33x, motorised
F Number F3.0 to F32
Horizontal Field of View 23.42° (W) to 0.78° (T)
Focus Push auto focus and motorised manual focus

Visible Camera

Sensor 1/1.9” CMOS Sensor (2.38 MP)
Sensor Mode Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080)
Shutter 1/20 to 1/10,000 (variable)
Digital Zoom
Video Output (PAL / NTSC)  IP and Composite (PAL / NTSC)

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Key Facts

Highly ruggedised for Marine Environments

Absolute positioning with continuous 360° rotation

Uncooled thermal camera with up to 225mm zoom lens options

Pan and Tilt Speeds down to 0.02° per second

Popular Applications