Advanced Uncooled Technology

The latest thermal technological addition to Silent Sentinels offering is the advanced uncooled range. Designed to bridge the gap between cooled and uncooled, the advanced uncooled range offers highly sensitive cameras but with the overall lifetime cost of an uncooled camera.

Benefits of advanced uncooled thermal technology:

– High sensitivity and contrast levels
– Designed for humid climates and contrast neutral environments
– No need for annual servicing


The Silent Sentinel LR series provides long-range thermal imaging with powerful continuous zoom optics in an OEM-friendly package. Several zoom lens options offer a narrow horizontal field of view (HFOV) as small as 1.5° without compromise to optical speed or sensitivity. Highly tuned one-touch autofocus operates quickly and reliably throughout the zoom range.

The LR’s 12-µm 640 x 480 LWIR thermal imaging core provides high sensitivity at up to 60Hz framerate. The OEM camera module provides on-board image processing, on-board recording and storage, auto-focus, electronic image stabilization, advanced image processing, H.264 IP encoding and more.

The long wave infrared (LWIR) camera is regulated under the U.S. EAR regulations (non-ITAR) and can be purchased with a 25-150mm, 25-225mm, or 40-300mm continuous zoom lens.

Frequent Applications

Popular Advanced Uncooled Cameras


– Mid range
– Zoom lens
– Great alternative to cooled cameras
– Small field of view
– 12µm pixel pitch
– <30mK thermal sensitivity

Osiris Ranger LR

– 12μm pixel pitch for improved detection capabilities
– 30mK thermal sensitivity
– Auto focus and auto tracking as standard
– Advanced image contrast enhancements
– Zoom lens


– Long range
– Zoom lens up to 300mm
– Uncooled means no servicing costs incurred
– Through shaft allows for payload on top fixed in position
– Ultra slow pan and tilt speeds for accuracy