Thermal PTZ Camera Platforms

Thermal PTZ Cameras, Low Light HD/4K Visible Video, and supporting technologies

Multi-Sensor Thermal Imaging Platforms

A compact, ruggedized, fully-integrated, thermal PTZ camera. Capable of supporting uncooled thermal cameras (with fixed lens options up to 50mm) and HD/4K low light visible cameras. The Oculus range is ideally suited for short to medium range applications.

The Aeron range builds on the Oculus’s integrated, compact, form-factor allowing for larger, zoom-able uncooled and cooled thermal imaging camera modules. It is a mid range thermal PTZ camera capable of supporting LWIR and MWIR thermal (with lens options up to 300mm). As well as HD/4K visible cameras and enhanced scene illumination.

The Osiris is a ruggedized, fully-integrated, modular multi-sensor PTZ camera platform. It is ideally suited for medium to long range  applications. This range proves especially popular in the maritime sector, as well as aviation due to our Signal Light Gun.

The Jaegar is a medium to long range multi-sensor high powered PTZ thermal camera system. The range features a through shaft which enables a fixed payload (such as a radar) to be mounted directly above the Jaegar PTU. Furthermore, it is capable of supporting LWIR, MWIR, and cooled HD thermal imaging cameras (with lens options up to 960mm). Also, these are accompanied by low light HD/4K visible cameras (lens options up to 1000mm).

Silent Sentinel, alongside industry leading partners, have developed one of the world’s most advanced Digital Counter-UAV System.

The Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK) is a complete, self-contained, short to long range camera system that can be rapidly deployed and is fully local or remotely controllable.