Product Range

Multi-Sensor Systems

A range of high accuracy standoff body temperature detection cameras which can be deployed as a standalone system or as part of a network deployed system.

A compact, ruggedized, fully-integrated, multi-sensor PTZ camera station platform which is ideally suited for short to medium range surveillance applications.
The Aeron range builds on the Oculus’s integrated, compact, form-factor allowing for larger, zoom-able uncooled and cooled thermal modules.
The Osiris is a ruggedized, fully-integrated, modular multi-sensor PTZ camera station which is ideally suited for medium to long range surveillance applications.
The Jaegar, a medium to long range platform, features a through shaft which enables a fixed payload (such as a radar) to be mounted directly above the Jaegar PTU. 
Silent Sentinel, alongside industry leading partners, have developed one of the world’s most advanced Digital Counter-UAV System.

Pan-Tilt Positioners

HD Video, SWIR and Thermal cameras