Video of the Month

September 2020 – 150mm LR Advanced Uncooled LWIR Camera

This video demonstrates the 25-150mm LR lens in action at the Spacex Falcon 9 launch in 2018!

The 25-150mm LR is part of our advanced uncooled thermal (LWIR)  family. Designed to bridge the gap between cooled (MWIR) and uncooled (LWIR) technologies, the advanced uncooled range offers highly sensitive cameras but with the overall lifetime cost of an uncooled camera.

This model is a thermal zoom lens available within our Osiris and Jaegar housings and is perfect for mid range applications.

Key Features include:
– Supporting ranges up to 7.7km for human detection and 14.17km for vehicle detection*.
– High sensitivity and contrast levels
– Designed for humid climates and contrast neutral environments
– No annual servicing required
– Fast thermal and video auto focus
– Thermal camera video stabilisation and tracking option
– IP67 level of environmental protection to meet harsh and challenging environments.

All lens options in the LR advanced uncooled range:
– 15mm to 75mm
– 15mm to 100mm
– 25mm to 150mm
– 25mm to 225mm
– 40mm to 300mm

*Ranges are based upon 50% probability on a MODTRAN standard atmosphere.