Video of the Month

July 2020 – 225mm Uncooled LWIR Thermal Camera

See the LWIR Jaegar Ranger (25mm to 225mm) in action at the Port of Dover in the UK.

The Jaegar Ranger is an uncooled LWIR thermal HD zoom surveillance platform.

As with all Jaegar platforms, this camera platform features a through shaft that allows for a fixed payload (such as a radar) to be mounted directly above the camera enabling continued, uninterrupted target detection and tracking.

Key Features include:

  • – Supporting ranges up to 4.9km for human detection and 15.2km for vehicle detection*.
  • – Long range uncooled LWIR HD thermal zoom cameras (up to 25-225mm lens)
  • – Detector type: Uncooled VOx Microbolometer – Resolution: 640 x 480
  • – Pixel size: 17 μm – Option for top payload such as radar
  • – HD visible / day cameras (15.2-500mm) – Virtually zero backlash
  • – IP67 level of environmental protection to meet harsh and challenging environments.


Other lens options in the Jaegar Ranger range:

  • – 26mm to 105mm
  • – 25mm to 150mm
  • – 25mm to 225mm

* Human at 1.8m x 0.5m, vehicle at 2.3m², Detection at 2 pixels , Recognition at 8 pixels and Identification at 13 pixels. 50% probability subject to environmental conditions.