Video of the Month

43.6-785mm HD Cooled MWIR Thermal Camera

This video demonstrates the 43.6-785mm HD cooled MWIR lens in action at distances up to 67.1km

The 43.6-785mm HD MWIR cooled thermal lens is available as a payload on the Jaegar PT director.

Key features:

  • – This lens is capable of offering human detection up to 33km and vehicle detection up to 60.1km*
  • – 18x motorised optical zoom
  • – Horizontal field of view: 16.6° (W) to 0.9° (T)
  • – Pixel size: 10μm
  • – Resolution: 1280 x 1024
  • – F4.0

*Ranges are based upon 50% probability on a MODTRAN standard atmosphere. Detailed NVIPM calculation notes available upon request.

This lens is frequently used in the following applications:

– Defence and Military
– Perimeter and Border Security
– Maritime and Coastal Security