Rapid Deployment Kit
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The Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK) is a complete, self-contained, short to long range security system that can be rapidly deployed and is fully local or remotely controllable. The RDK is perfect for rapid response, short-term, requirements at ranges up to 5km.

Key Features:

– Compatible with all Oculus and Aeron dual sensor PTZ cameras (offering thermal, HD visible, and low light capabilities)
– Deployable within five minutes
– One man deployment
– Self contained with all required power, cabling, tripods etc
– Contained in a rugged transport and storage case
– Up to 20-hours of continuous use with hot-swappable batteries. Compatible with NATO BB5590 (non rechargeable) or BB-2590 (rechargeable)
– Can be powered from internal batteries, AC input (110/240vAC) or DC input (24vDC)
– Can be operated locally with video streamed to remote users {with additional Over the Horizon (OTH) module}
– Total weight less than 30kg

Note: batteries are not supplied by Silent Sentinel

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See the RDK deployed in under 3 minutes

The RDK supports any of the cameras within the Oculus and Aeron family. Integrated battery power allows for constant remote or local control for up to 20-hours. The integrated battery system is based upon the in-service NATO 5590 batteries and supports up to six at a time. The batteries can be hot-swapped without system down time through integration of two separate (parallel) power circuits. The RDK is available with a Rugged Laptop Controller (RTC) that allows for complete command and control of the connected camera.