The Oculus is a compact, ruggedized, fully integrated, thermal PTZ camera.

Capable of supporting uncooled thermal cameras (with fixed lens options up to 50mm) and HD/4K visible cameras.

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The Oculus is a versatile short range thermal PTZ camera suitable for maritime, industrial, perimeter and mobile security applications. If offers multiple mounting options, including hanging, as well as high level of accuracy (0.05°), the Oculus is capable of fast pan and tilt speeds (up to 180° per second). Also, it also offers 360° continuous rotation and absolute positioning.


The Oculus Scout is a ruggedized thermal PTZ camera which incorporates a 640 x 480 uncooled LWIR thermal camera with 14mm, 35mm and 50mm fixed lens options and a 30:1 HD visible camera. Also, the Oculus is available as an HD or 4K visible only camera solution.

EVO2 Oculus

  • – Uncooled LWIR thermal sensors with fixed lens options up to 35mm
  • – 12μm pixel pitch
  • – 640×512 or 1024×768 (XGA) resolutions
  • – 30x zoom HD visible sensor with a wiper as standard
  • – Mounting options include inverted, upright or inclined

Capable of offering human detection up to 1km and vehicle detection up 3.4km.

Oculus Scout

  • – Uncooled thermal PTZ camera with up to a 50mm fixed lens
  • – HD 30:1 visible camera
  • – Wiper
  • – Can be mounted upright or hanging

Capable of offering human detection up to 2.65km and vehicle detection up 3.39km.

Oculus HD

  • – HD 30:1 visible camera
  • – Wiper
  • – Can be mounted upright or hanging


The Oculus, ruggedized thermal PTZ camera, can be configured with the below technologies and options to suit your specific requirements. Please get in touch to discuss your requirement in more detail.

  • – 320×240 or 640×480 Resolution uncooled thermal cameras
  • – Thermal fixed lens options between 7.5mm and 50mm
  • – Image fusion
  • – Infra-Red (IR) or White Light Illumination up to 150m
  • – Hybrid IR and WL Illumination available up to 120m
  • – 4K 20:1 visible camera
  • – Gyro stabilization
  • – Electronic image stabilisation
  • – Object detection
  • – 1km Laser Illumination
  • – HD-SDI option

Typical Deployments