Silent Sentinel is proud to launch NexOS – a revolutionary operating system which represents the next step in sensor connectivity. NexOS has three main function areas; advanced motor control, advanced telemetry, and advanced video processing. NexOS will soon power all of our camera platforms from the Oculus all the way up to the Jaegar. There are currently three packages available, find out more below.

Advanced Motor Control

– Increased resolution: The step count per revolution has been doubled, meaning units can move twice as smoothly and therefore twice as accurately.
– Increased Power: We have doubled the current power of the previous motor control system, up to 20A per channel. This leads to increased torque and speeds for some platforms, futureproofing new PTs which may need larger motors.
– Customizable Drive Curves: Programmable drive curves allow the tailoring of movement to the attached payloads to deliver smoother motion.

– Standardisation: NexOS incorporates the same hardware and software used across all PT platforms,  providing further ease of integration
– Adaptive Control Loop: The same adaptive control loop is used for Video Detection, GYRO and Dynamic Absolute Positioning which allows third parties to stream in desired pan / tilt positions to the control loop. This removes the need for C2 level control capabilities.
– Increased Command Speed: Command and positional updates are available at 200hz.

Advanced Telemetry

– Increased Supportability: Real-time visibility of system status to rapidly identify and resolve issues.
– Ease of update: All software components are updated in real time via a web browser.
– Increased Performance: The new hardware architecture has around 400 times the processing power of the previous system, and is based on a modular architecture that emphasizes parallel processing. Query and command rates are vastly improved with query responses in less than 8ms.
– Increased Scalability: NexOS is able to drive a greater number of simultaneous payloads.

– Greater Depth of Integration: Increased computing resources means that more can be done with existing payloads, achieving wider functionality.
– Greater Width of Integration: We are able to integrate to a greater variety of payloads natively including GPS Compass, Speakers etc.
– Customisable: Select partners can develop services to run under the NexOS Main App allowing for custom control protocols and integrations.

Advanced Video Processing

– Better Video: By natively capturing raw quality video, we have naturally increased the quality of the video that is encoded. Capturing at the source of the video vastly reduces the impact of electrical noise on the signal.
– Continuous AutoFocus: This is now a function of the board instead of the attached camera/lens, meaning that it is available across all sensors. The algorithms are universal and therefore function on Daylight, MWIR, LWIR and SWIR sensors.
– More Powerful Enhancements: The processing board is able to run more complex enhancements with increased processing power improving the effect delivered.
– Intelligence at the Edge: Native Motion Detection, Event Detection, and Target Detection are available across any attached payload.

– Overlays: Configurable and Contextual overlays can draw from anything available in the system. This provides optional display types for some variables (Zoom, Focus, PT Position).
– Recording: 128GB SSD available for edge recordings, which can be reviewed and downloaded from the web browser.
– Integrated Encoding: 264, H.265 and MJPEG feeds are available natively from the Payload board. No third-party devices are required.
– Upgradeable: The entire sub-system can be updated through FW update adding new enhancements and analytics over time.

Video Gallery

We look forward to hosting you for a demonstration of our cutting-edge Operating System, during which members of the Silent Sentinel team will be on hand to walk you through the wealth of new capabilities and answer any questions you have about NexOS.

To enquire about a demonstration, send us an email.