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Thermal Technology

Cooled MWIR Thermal Technology

Want to know more about Cooled MWIR Thermal Technology?

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Advanced Uncooled Thermal Technology

Heard us talking about our Advanced Uncooled range but not sure what it is? Find out here…

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Uncooled LWIR Thermal Technology

We’re specialists in long range uncooled LWIR thermal cameras, but we also offer short to mid range options too. Find out more about the technology here.

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Key Technologies for Border and Perimeter Security

Learn about the solutions Silent Sentinel can offer for the challenges that are faced in the border and perimeter security sector.

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Solutions in Maritime SECURITY

Understand the maritime security solutions Silent Sentinel can offer for some of the main challenges encountered in the sector.

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The LR Range

Learn more about our latest technology, the LR range, which bridges the gap between cooled MWIR and uncooled LWIR thermal.

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Multi Sensor Platforms

With so many technologies available, and a range terrains to contend with, security has moved on from just CCTV.

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Visible Video

Visible Camera Types

Learn about the different types of visible cameras we can offer, including SD, HD, SWIR and more.

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Camera Output Types

Offering a range of camera output types allows Silent Sentinel to meet a wide range of customer requirements.

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