Long Range Thermal Cameras


Silent Sentinel offers a selection of long range thermal cameras, both cooled (MWIR)

and uncooled (LWIR), with fixed or zoom thermal lenses. These long range thermal cameras

are compatible with our PT units to form part of an EO multi-sensor platform. 

Jaegar Range

The Jaegar is used for long range surveillance comprising of a PTU which features a through shaft enabling a fixed payload (such as a radar) to be mounted directly above it. Payloads supported include long range thermal lenses up to 1000mm, HD and 4K visible day/night cameras up to 2000mm (with 2x extender on), as well as acoustic hailers, illumination options and more.

Thermal lens options include:

LWIR Fixed 14mm up to 100mm MWIR Zoom 19-275mm up to 55.5-1000mm (HD)
LWIR HD Zoom 25-75mm up to 20-300mm    
Osiris Range

The Osiris PTU can support long range thermal options up to 30.5-550mm as well as long range HD and 4K visible options up to 2000mm (with 2x extender on). A long range multi-sensor platform, the Osiris PTU can support two payloads. The Osiris can be configured with a selection of electro-optical modules covering both the visible and thermal spectrum.

Lens options include:

LWIR Fixed 14mm up to 100mm
LWIR Zoom (HD) 25-75mm up to 25-225mm
MWIR Zoom 19-275mm up to 68.7-550mm (HD)

If you’d like to know more about our long range camera platforms, please get in touch with the team below or take a look around our website.