A through shaft allowing for a top payload is what makes this platform different. Popular payloads include radar and automated control programmes giving uninterrupted 360° views, often ideal for Counter UAV or Homeland Security scenarios.

Jaegar Scout

A mid range single mast surveillance solution which combines uncooled fixed thermal cameras with a 30:1 HD video camera.

Jaegar Ranger

An uncooled thermal HD zoom surveillance platform which has a through-shaft making it suited to situations where you need 360° views, always.

Jaegar Ranger LR

Long range, advanced uncooled thermal camera, with HD zoom lens and a through shaft that bridges the gap between cooled and uncooled thermal cameras.

Jaegar Searcher

A long range surveillance platform with cooled thermal zoom lenses and a built in through shaft.

Jaegar Ultra Long Range

HD cooled thermal zoom lens cameras and HD video cameras which produce clear and crisp HD images, even at a long distances.