The Jaegar is a ruggedized, fully-integrated, modular multi-sensor PTZ camera station which is ideally suited for medium to ultra long range surveillance applications. The Jaegar features a through shaft which enables a fixed payload (such as a radar) to be mounted directly above the Jaegar PTU. Utilising the latest motor drive technology, the Jaegar is able to offer industry leading pan and tilt speeds whilst maintaining pin point positioning accuracy.

Key Specifications;

  1. Jaegar Housing: Aluminium, Hard-Anodised, Marine Grade Powder Coated
  2. Environmental Rating: IP67
  3. Pan / Tilt Specs;
    1. Pan: up to 0.002 to 80-degrees / second, continuous rotation
    2. Tilt: up to 0.002 to 80-degrees / second, +90 to -90 degrees.
    3. Repeatability: 0.0002-degrees
  4. Power Input: 28/48VDC
  5. Other;
    1. Rapid release mechanism allowing for quick payload changeover in the field
    2. Zero backlash harmonic drive gearbox
    3. Through shaft
    4. Total payload up to 110kg

Featured Modules;

  1. Visible Modules:                                                    SD, HD-SDI, HD, 4K, Ultra Low Light HD & 4K
  2. UnCooled Fixed Thermal Modules (640x480):      14mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 65mm, 100mm,
  3. UnCooled Zoom Thermal Modules (640x480)      15-100mm, 26-105mm, 50-150mm, 25-150mm, 25-225mm
  4. UnCooled LR Thermal Modules (640x512):         15-75mm, 25-150mm, 25-225mm, 40-300mm
  5. Cooled Thermal Modules (640x512):                   15-300mm, 35-690mm, 45-900mm
  6. HD Cooled Thermal Modules (1280x720)            80-960mm
  7. SWIR Module (640x512)                                      50-500mm

Featured Accessories:

  1. Long range white Light, IR and Covert IR Illumination
  2. Visible and Thermal Image Stabilisation
  3. Integrated Target Tracking
  4. Laser Range Finder
  5. Laser Illumination
  6. Counter UAS Solutions

Not sure which model is for you? Use the below as a starting point, however there are more factors involved than just DRI distances so our team of experts will be able to advise you further.

Jaegar Scout

A mid range single mast surveillance solution which combines uncooled fixed thermal cameras with a 30:1 HD video camera.

Jaegar Ranger

An uncooled thermal HD zoom surveillance platform which has a through-shaft making it suited to situations where you need 360° views, always.

Jaegar Ranger LR

Long range, advanced uncooled thermal camera, with HD zoom lens and a through shaft that bridges the gap between cooled and uncooled thermal cameras.

Jaegar Searcher

A long range surveillance platform with cooled thermal zoom lenses and a built in through shaft.

Jaegar Ultra Long Range

HD cooled thermal zoom lens cameras and HD video cameras which produce clear and crisp HD images, even at a long distances.