Challenges and Solutions in Maritime and Coastal Surveillance Applications

Silent Sentinel camera platforms have been specifically designed to meet the challenges of shore-based maritime surveillance, such as VTS and maritime security type applications. Below, we look at the maritime surveillance solutions Silent Sentinel can offer for some of the main challenges encountered in the sector.

1. The harsh and challenging operational environment

We understand the different challenges that the marine environment can bring. With this in mind, our camera platforms are highly ruggedized with marine grade paint and are finished to IP67 standard. They are designed to meet the harsh and challenging environment associated with the sector.

2. The need for continuous operations

The modular design of our Osiris and Jaegar platforms allows easy replacement of cameras for repair or service. Also, our advanced LWIR uncooled cameras provide industry leading detection capabilities and high performance thermal capability with no cooler servicing, and continuous operations 24 hours a day.

3. Requirement for long range detection and positioning

We provide both cooled (MWIR) and uncooled (LWIR) camera platforms that allow long range detection and have precise and highly accurate positioning capabilities. In detail, our uncooled LWIR lenses go up to 300mm, and our cooled MWIR lenses range up to 960mm. Furthermore, these are complemented by our harmonic drive gears which provide accurate and precise positioning.

4. Poor visibility

To tackle poor visibility, often encountered in the sector, we offer SWIR (short-wave infrared) technology, as well as low light and ultra-low light HD/4K visible cameras for day and night vision.

5) The ability to easily integrate systems

Ease of integration is facilitated by absolute positioning feedback and open protocols. Additionally, we have an openness and willingness to customise customer software/firmware to meet customer requirements.

As shown above, Silent Sentinel has huge knowledge and understanding of the challenges that the maritime and coastal sector brings. So, to find out more by downloading our brochure or visiting our dedicated web page below.