Key Technologies for Border and Perimeter Security


Silent Sentinel has been manufacturing cameras for the border and perimeter security sector from its conception. Now, Silent Sentinel offer some of the most capable camera systems into this vertical, and you can read some of the key technologies we provide into the industry below.

1. Visible Video

Silent Sentinel has a wide choice of HD, 4K and ultra-low light video options. By combining these camera modules with industry-leading lenses, we are able to provide optical target identification at long ranges, in adverse weather, and in low light conditions.

2. Thermal

With expertise in longer range uncooled LWIR thermal sensors, Silent Sentinel offer some of the most advanced and longest range thermal detection capabilities available. Silent Sentinel can also provide a range of cooled MWIR sensors that deliver high levels of thermal contrast and long range detection capabilities.


SWIR (short-wave infrared) technology has seen a growth in interest from the video surveillance sector due to its ability to provide clear enhanced images in poor weather conditions such as rain and mist.

4. Harmonic Drive

Our Osiris and Jaegar platforms utilise German engineered Harmonic Drive gears which provide very accurate, high torque positioning and with almost zero backlash; vital when observing targets at long ranges.

5. Environmental

Our cameras have been designed to meet the most challenging environments and are well suited to exposed and remote installations often associated with border and perimeter type applications.

6. Engagement

Silent Sentinel can offer a range of options to provide operator engagement with a potential target, such as long range laser dazzlers, illuminators, and directional acoustic hailers.

As it can be seen, Silent Sentinel has an in-depth understanding of the sector and the challenges it faces. So, to find out more about our solutions, download our brochure or visit our dedicated web page below.