IR Illuminators

Silent Sentinel offer a range of Infra-red illuminators that provide illumination so that the camera produces clear images even when there is no other ambient lighting available.

Key features include:
– Maximum distance up to 4700m (4.7km)

White LED Illuminators

What makes the white light LED illuminators different is that the white light allows the security cameras to deliver colour images 24 hours per day and will also act as a deterrent for any intruders.

Key Features:
– Maximum distance up to 5300m (5.3km)

SWIR Illuminators

Key Features:
– Maximum distance up to 5900m (5.9km)

Hybrid Illuminators

Silent Sentinel offers a range of Hybrid illuminators that incorporate IR, White light, or SWIR.

Laser Illuminators

When long distance illumination is required, laser illuminators offer a viable an effective solution.

Key features include:
– Illumination range up to 5km
– Can be controlled via the camera system