Uncooled Thermal Technology

Uncooled thermal technology is frequently used for mid range applications as it the units are more compact with smaller lenses than cooled cameras.


Benefits of uncooled thermal:
– No need for an annual service
– Often in compact housing
– Overall lower lifetime cost


Silent Sentinel offer a wide range of uncooled thermal lens options:
– Up to 225mm
Fixed and zoom lens
– In a range of compact and larger housings

Popular Uncooled Thermal Cameras

Oculus Scout

– Mid range
– Fixed camera
– Fast pan and tilt speeds
– Compatible with the 2 axis gyro stabiliser
– Designed for harsh and challenging environments


– Long range
– Zoom camera
– HD video
– Lens options up to 225mm
– High levels of accuracy


– Mid range
– Uncooled thermal fixed lens
– Compact and discreet
– Lens up to 100mm
– Field of view as small as 6.2°
– Compatible with 2 axis gyro stabiliser

Frequent Applications