Fixed Modum – Elevated Body Temperature Detection Cameras

The Modum family of cameras are designed to detect temperature, and are perfect for standoff elevated body temperature detection requirements.

When deployed with the blackbody, the Modum is accurate to within 0.3 degrees. It can be deployed as a standalone system or as part of a network deployed system feeding back to a centralised command and control location.

The Fixed Modum features a highly accurate thermal camera with a secondary HD daylight camera allowing for quick identification. The Modum Lite offers a thermal only solution.


Modum Lite

  • – Uncooled thermal with 7.8mm or 15mm fixed lens
  • – Accurate to 0.5 degrees (0.3 degrees when deployed with optional blackbody)
  • – High 640 x 512 and low 384 x 288 resolution options
  • – SDK support
  • – Optional: laptop, blackbody, and trolley

Fixed Modum

  • – High accuracy (0.3 Degrees)
  • – High 640 x 512 and low 384 x 288 resolution options
  • – Secondary HD visible camera
  • – SDK support
  • – Paired blackbody for temperature reference
  • – Optional: laptop, tripod, and trolley

Fixed Modum Kit

  • – High accuracy (0.3 Degrees)
  • – High 640 x 512 and low 384 x 288 resolution options
  • – Secondary HD visible camera
  • – SDK support
  • – Paired blackbody for temperature reference
  • – Pre-configured laptop and carry case



Lens 7.8mm 15mm
Field of View 47.0°(W) to 35.6°(T) 41.6°(W) to 33.3°(T)
Resolution 384 x 288 640×512
Pixel Size 17μm 14μm
Frequency 50Hz 50Hz
Measurement Range 2-5m 2-7m

Thermal Image

Image Adjustments Brightness, Contrast. Manual/Auto
Polarity Black Hot / White Hot
Palette 18 palettes
Focus Electronic Autofocus, Manual Focus
Image Process NUC / DDE / Digital Filtering Noise Reduction
Image Flip Left-Right / Up-Down / Diagonal

Visible Camera – Not available on Modum Lite

Image Sensor 1/2.8“ CMOS (2.13MP)
Focal Length 8mm

Temperature Measurement

Measurement Range 0℃~60℃
Measurement Accuracy ±0.5℃@ 33℃~42℃ of target temperature (±0.3℃ with blackbody)
Working Temperature 16~32℃ (with 0.3℃ accuracy with blackbody)
Measurement Tools 10 customized spots, highest/lowest spot, full frame temperature data, central spot, 12 lines/areas, isotherm
Measurement Stable Time ≤10s (fastest)
Temperature Correction Manual / Auto Correction


What range are we recommending this works in?

For both lenses, we suggest 1-5m as the measurement range.

Can we see the camera working?

Yes, we are pleased to offer live demonstrations of the camera from our Head Office in the UK. Contact us to book your slot:

Can the system be used outside, what sort of effect does sunlight/UV have?

We recommend the system is used indoors.

The environmental conditions outdoors change quickly and will have an impact on the temperatures measured. For example, if there is a lot of wind the blackbody will struggle to maintain it’s surface temperature. Given this is the calibration point for the system, the wider accuracy of the system would suffer.

How easy is it to setup?

Simple. Settings up the system takes around 5 minutes. 

Does the camera require manual calibration, if not how often does it self-calibrate?

The camera system is deployed alongside a thermal blackbody which self-regulates it’s surface to 35-degrees. The blackbody must be within the Field of View of the thermal camera. Within the software the user then selected the blackbody within the thermal image. The software than uses this region as a constant calibration.

How long must a person stand in front of the camera in order to get an accurate reading?

The system takes around half a second to process the frame and return the temperature of the people within the FOV (Field of View).

Can people be moving or do they have to be static for accurate readings?

Yes it can cope with people walking through the Field of View without issue.

Do you back this up with oral temps?

The purpose of this system is to provide an initial alerting / filtering capability. This must then be backed up with more traditional methods to fully identify individuals with potential fevers.

What threshold should the system be set to, to pick up fever, there are differences in male and female surface temperatures?

The system is defaulted to alert at 37.3 degrees but this can be changed by the operator.

A practical decision must be taken around the setting of this temperature based on the environmental conditions and the average skin temperature of people within the Field of View. The system is there largely to highlight the people with a temperature greater than an acceptable baseline.

Does an VOx uncooled thermal FPA make a difference in accuracy to cooled?

Yes a cooled system would be more accurate but the price of cooled thermal is an order of magnitude greater than that of Uncooled.

Does pixel size make a difference to temp accuracy?

No but it will effect the Field of View and the number of people than can be scanned simultaneously.

What testing has this system undergone? Any independent testing? How do we know it is truly accurate and can be used for medical screening?

The temperature readings from the system have been verified using more traditional temperature measurement means (Laser Temperature readers, contact thermometers) and found to be accurate within the ranges specified. This has been tested by the OEM of the thermal core and the integrator. These test reports are available and the temperatures measured can easily be verified by third parties.

Key Facts

High Accuracy

7.8mm or 15mm lens

Standalone or Networked System

High Resolution 640 x 512 Uncooled Thermal Imager