The Oculus is a compact, ruggedized, fully-integrated, multi-sensor PTZ camera station which is ideally suited for short to medium range surveillance applications. The Oculus can be configured with a selection of electro-optical modules covering both the visible and thermal spectrum.

Key Specifications;

  1. Housing: Aluminium, Hard-Anodised, Marine Grade Powder Coated
  2. Environmental Rating: IP67
  3. Pan / Tilt Specs;
    1. Pan: 180-degrees / second, continuous rotation
    2. Tilt: 180-degrees / second, +90 to -30 degrees.
    3. Accuracy: 0.01-degrees
    4. Repeatability: 0.05-degrees
  4. Power Input: 24VDC, 2A MAX
  5. Other;
    1. Integrated Wiper.
    2. Optical Corrected, HD Glass.

Featured Modules;

  1. Visible Modules:                                                    SD (36x), HD-SDI (30x), HD (30x), 4K (20x)
  2. UnCooled Thermal Modules (320x240):               7.5mm, 19mm, 35mm,
  3. UnCooled Thermal Modules (640x480):               14mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm,

Featured Accessories:

  1. White Light, IR and Covert IR Illumination
  2. Visible and Thermal Image Hybridisation
  3. Integrated Target Tracking
  4. 2-AXIS GYRO Stabilisation

Oculus Scout

Mid-range uncooled thermal camera with fixed lens options from 7.5mm to 50mm and detection up to 1000m.