The LR Range

Bridging the gap between cooled and uncooled thermal

The latest thermal addition to Silent Sentinel’s offering is the advanced uncooled range. Designed to bridge the gap between cooled and uncooled, the advanced uncooled range offers highly sensitive cameras but with the overall lifetime cost of an uncooled camera.

The long wave infrared (LWIR) camera is regulated under the U.S. EAR regulations (non-ITAR) and below shows the thermal lens options available.

Aeron Ranger LR

Lens available:

  • 15-75mm

Osiris Ranger LR

Lenses available:

  • 25-150mm
  • 25-225mm

Jaegar Ranger LR

Lenses available:

  • 25-150mm
  • 25-225mm
  • 40-300mm

The 40 to 300mm Uncooled LR camera is the longest range camera in our LR portfolio, and it represents one of the longest ranged and most advanced uncooled thermal cameras available on the market today.

Key features of the LR range include:

  • 12 micron pixel pitch providing a narrower field of view when compared to a more traditional thermal camera.
  • Higher levels of thermal sensitivity.
  • Fast thermal and video auto focus
  • Thermal camera video stabilisation and tracking feature
  • CLAHE-Contrast Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalisation video processing
  • And maybe most importantly a lower cost of ownership with no expensive cooler servicing required

Silent Sentinel has for a long time now been pioneering and championing the use of longer range uncooled thermal cameras and we believe that our new range of LR advanced uncooled cameras is taking this technology to the next level.

You can find out more about the range below or get in touch with the team.