Introducing the new Aeron Laser Range Finder

Silent Sentinel has announced the launch of the Aeron Laser Range Finder (LRF) camera platform. The Aeron LRF is a continual-rotation Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera featuring an uncooled LWIR thermal sensor with a range of zoom lenses, an HD-visible sensor with 30x zoom, and a Laser Range Finder, all contained within a compact and rugged housing.

The Aeron LRF represents a new addition to the existing Aeron range of PTZ cameras, expanding the range to feature an integrated Laser Range Finder, which allows for target ranging upon Electro-Optical or Ti detection at ranges up to 8km.

With camera positioning accuracy levels of 0.01° and rapid pan and tilt speeds of up to 160° per second, the Aeron LRF offers absolute positioning feedback and is suitable for a broad range of surveillance applications in all conditions. The three sensors are contained within a hard anodised ruggedized housing which, like all Silent Sentinel products, is tested to an IP-67 level of environmental protection, providing optimum performance in the harshest environments. All three high-performance sensors of the Aeron LRF are contained within the compact and durable housing, providing a wholly unique weight and space saving solution.

The 30x zoom HD visible sensor comes with a lens wiper fitted as standard which helps to enhance visibility in poor weather conditions, and the uncooled LWIR thermal sensors offer zoom lens options up to 25-150mm,with a 640×480 resolution and the option of image stabilization. The Aeron LRF’s durability and precision means it is well-suited to the most challenging of applications, such as maritime, border security and vehicle-mounted installations.

James Longcroft, Sales Director at Silent Sentinel said: “The Aeron Laser Range Finder represents a significant step forward in our commitment to offering cutting-edge new technologies as standard in our products, and we are very pleased with the results. DSEI is a dynamic environment perfectly suited to a product launch like this, and we are proud to be showcasing the Aeron LRF on our stand in the Security Zone this year.”